Easy Solar

Easy Solar is an innovative distributed energy service company that has presence in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The company provides consumer financing for solar-powered products.

With funding from AECF, Easy Solar is scaling up the distribution of solar products through the PAYGO model across all 15 Liberian counties.

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Green Gold Liberia Inc.

Green Gold Liberia (GGL) is a social enterprise that produces and distributes bio-briquettes, biogas, and biofuels while developing energy efficient cookstoves.

With funding from AECF, GGL aims to scale up the provision of bio-briquettes at a financially competitive price as an environmentally sustainable alternative to charcoal.

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EcoPower Liberia LLC

EcoPower distributes solar home systems and solar powered productive appliances and was the first company to introduce the PAYGO solar model in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, EcoPower is scaling up its distribution of pico lights and solar home systems for households and productive solar solutions for SMEs.

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Green Cities Inc.

Green Cities Inc. is a social enterprise that carries out waste collection and sorting, buying and selling of recyclables, organic waste recycling, plastic and paper recycling, and electronic refurbishing and recycling.

With funding from AECF, Green Cities Inc. is setting up Liberia’s first modern e-waste facility, reducing the volume of e-waste in Liberia while creating awareness on e-waste disposal in Monrovia, the country’s capital city.

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LIB Solar

LIB Solar installs, finances, and maintains solar systems and solar powered appliances for rural communities. LIB Solar also offers upgraded home systems that include fans and TVs, and a business system that includes a commercial refrigerator.

With funding from AECF, LIB Solar is expanding operations to more counties across the country especially in Liberia’s southeast, the poorest and most challenging region of the country, distributing more PAYGO solar products.

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SJedi Green Energy

SJedi Green Energy sells improved cookstoves across Liberia. The company also distributes small solar home systems and household appliances such as TVs, radio, lamps, ACs and fans.

With funding from AECF, Sjedi Green Energy is establishing a PAYGO business model linked to the distribution of its solar products.

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Liberia Eco-Supply Ventures

Liberia Eco-Supply Ventures manufactures and distributes fuel-efficient stoves for school feeding programs, hospitals, hotels and restaurants in peri-urban and rural communities in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, the company is setting up a manufacturing plant in Liberia to produce high quality efficient stoves that will lead to reduced annual cooking expenditure in homes and reduce deforestation.

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LEN TWO is a solar home system distributor that focuses its activities in the Firestone Plantation in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, the company is distributing affordable, durable, and user-friendly, solar home systems to the families within the Plantation/Concession segment of the Firestone Plantation. LEN Two is also providing end user financing to ensure affordability of its solar products.

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HV WoodGas Inc

HV WoodGas Technology Inc. is an operations and maintenance company that installs power plants and associated grid distribution networks in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, the company is constructing, operationalising, and running a rubber wood-powered mini grid in Gboanipea village of Liberia.

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SEECO Mali SARL builds and operates micro grids in rural Mali.

With funding from AECF, SEECO Mali SARL is building new solar micro grids while replacing diesel-powered ones with solar power to serve the rapidly expanding municipality of Ténéni.

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Africa GrenTec Mali

Africa GreenTec Électrification Rurale Sarl (AGT-ER SARL) is a micro grid developer and currently operates microgrid sites of between 50kW and 100kW in Mali.

With funding from AECF, AGT-ER SARL is scaling up its microgrids in the Kayes region of Mali, located Northwest of Bamako providing power to previously unserved households and productive power users.

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Access SA

ACCESS SA is a micro-grid developer and currently operates microgrid sites of between 50kW and 100kW in Mali.

With funding from AECF, ACCESS SA is scaling up the distribution of quality solar home systems and productive solar systems to rural communities that are not served by its microgrid networks.

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Energy & Services SARL

Energy and Services provides solar energy, conventional energy, refrigeration, and air conditioning services. The company also
distributes solar inverters and batteries in Burkina Faso.

With funding from AECF, Energy and Services is supplying more SMEs and households with stand-alone solar systems with power storage.

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SIPE (International Petroleum Equipment and Energy Company) undertakes solar installations for small enterprises, households, industries, NGOs and the local community.

With funding from AECF, SIPE is installing more standalone solar systems in Ouagadougou targeting households and SMEs.

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Microsow Sarl

Microsow SARL offers a wide range of solar energy services including the supply and installation of solar energy and pumping systems. The company also provides technical advisory services for monitoring and control of installations of solar energy.

With funding from AECF, Microsow is installing back up solar kits to households and SMEs (mostly pharmacies) in Ouagadougou.

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Africa Energie Solaire

Africa Energie Solaire (AES) undertakes backup solutions, solar installations for off grid customers, and provides productive power use in solar irrigation.

With funding from AECF, AES is installing back up solar kits to households and SMEs in Ouagadougou with flexible payment plans thus making the units more accessible.

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Green Engineering Services (GES)

Green Engineering Services (G.E.S) supplies and installs solar water pumping, solar irrigation and solar electrification systems. The company also promotes mobile pumping and solar water purification equipment, as well as solar mills.

With funding from AECF, G.E.S is installing multifunctional platforms that consists of solar mills to crush cereals or produce shea butter and can also charge batteries and phones.

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BUY US Solar

BUY US Solar provides solar equipment such as solar panels, solar batteries, charge controllers, solar pumps and other solar accessories. The company also provides solar photovoltaic equipment installation and training services.

With funding from AECF, BUY US Solar is distributing irrigation pumps to smallholder farmers in rural Burkina Faso.

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Qotto BF Sarl

Qotto BF SARL distributes modular solar home systems (SHS) across Burkina Faso.

With funding from AECF, the company is setting up new distribution centers across Burkina Faso and scaling up the distribution and installation capacity of the modular SHS.

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Nafa Naana Sarl

Nafa Naana provides access to improved wood, charcoal and gas stoves, solar lanterns, and solar home systems to households in Burkina Faso.

With funding from AECF, the company is scaling up its PAYGO management platform to its affiliated distributors availing solar products to families in remote parts of Burkina Faso.

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Oolu Burkina Sarl

Oolu is a PAYGO company that sells, installs, and maintains solar home systems for rural and peri-urban communities in Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Niger.

With funding from AECF, Oolu is expanding its operations in Burkina Faso, reaching more clients with a wide range of solar products including productive-use systems.

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Poceram Briquetterie Sarl

POCERAM focuses on the production of ceramics, where it produces improved cookstoves (ceramic stoves with refractory inserts) and terracotta bricks targeting peri urban and rural households.

With funding from AECF, POCERAM is sustainably manufacturing and distributing energy efficient ceramic cookstoves to households in Burkina Faso
ensuring that households reduce expenditure by up to 24.3%.

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Enterprise Eco Construction & Services

Enterprise Eco Construction (EECS) promotes bio digesters and other related services.

With funding from AECF, EECS is promoting the use of biogas in rural and peri-urban populations in Burkina Faso. The company is also targeting small businesses such as local restaurants that tend to use significant amounts of wood fuel.

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Sahelia Solar Sarl

Sahelia Solar is an integrator of photovoltaic solar systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and rural applications. The company undertakes design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of grid-connected and off-grid PV systems.

With funding from AECF, the company is piloting mini grids in new locations availing reliable power to rural agricultural cooperative members, households and microenterprises.

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Celfre Energy Private Limited is a last mile distributor of solar water pumping systems.

With funding from AECF, Celfre Energy is providing quality and affordable solar irrigation pumps to smallholder out-grower farmers and rural communities in Zimbabwe.

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Zambuko Trust

Zambuko Trust is a developmental Microfinance Institution (MFI) that provides financial and non-financial services to urban, peri urban and rural populations across Zimbabwe.

With funding from AECF, Zambuko Trust is offering affordable green loans for a range of solar assets including household lighting systems and solar pumps to rural households and small businesses in Zimbabwe.

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Virl Microfinance

VIRL Financial Solutions is a developmental microfinance that targets smallholder farmers, micro and small enterprises in Zimbabwe.

With funding from AECF, the company is reaching out to more rural households providing them with access to clean energy products at lower than market interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

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Regain 37

Regain 37 Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise that is bridging the digital divide through the provision of Pay as You Use solar powered e-learning tools while using solar home systems to light up classrooms.

With funding from AECF, the company is powering more schools with solar systems while providing digital e-learning tools in all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe.

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Mobility for Africa

Mobility for Africa provides green mobility solutions to rural communities using electric tricycles powered with renewable energy.

With funding from AECF, Mobility for Africa is scaling up the sale of tricycles to small businesses which will go a long way in improving agricultural value chains in rural Zimbabwe while reducing drudgery for women.

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Elaine Marketing and Promotions

Elaine Marketing and Promotions Private Limited delivers banking products to the unbanked market primarily in rural areas. The company has recently diversified into the distribution of solar home systems
which is now a key part of their portfolio.

With funding from AECF, the company is scaling up the accessibility and affordability of modern solar home systems to households and businesses across Zimbabwe by availing these systems on credit.

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Natfort Energy

Natfort Energy undertakes solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for on-grid and off grid applications in the household and commercial sector. The company has extended their product offering to become a last mile solar home system distribution partner in the rural and peri urban areas of Zimbabwe.

With funding from AECF, Natfort Energy will lower the purchase price for low-income households thus allowing them immediate access to cleaner and renewable energy solutions.

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SOGEPAL Limitada

SOGEPAL Limitada is an improved cook stove and solar home system distributor.

With funding from AECF, the company is distributing improved charcoal cook stoves and solar home systems solar home systems by availing flexible credit terms to poor rural and peri urban communities in Mozambique.

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Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa – JFS, S.A.

Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa JFS is a Mozambican cotton company that sells cotton, lint, and other derivatives.

With funding from AECF, the company is availing solar home systems (SHS) to its large base of smallholder farmers in Cuamba, Niassa, ensuring that they are able to charge the sprayers that the farmers currently use.

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Solar Works Mozambique Lda

SolarWorks is a solar home system distributor in Mozambique.

With funding from AECF, SolarWorks is introducing solar home systems and water pumps to homes and smallholder farmers in the remote province of Nampula.

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VERA International Business PLC

Vera International distributes solar products and provides complementary services. Additionally, the company is engaged in export of agricultural goods, construction machinery and rental business.

With funding from AECF, the company is supplying PAYGO-enabled large solar home systems (SHS) and productive use appliances across Ethiopia.

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United Friends Biofarm PLC

United Friends Bio-Farm PLC (UFB) sources, processes, and packs fresh vegetables from smallholder farmers supplying them to high-end markets in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city.

With funding from AECF, UFB is introducing solar power irrigation equipment for individual smallholder farmers in Oromia region.

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Rensys Engineering & Trading PLC

Rensys Engineering imports and distributes solar products, it also designs, supplies and installs institutional solar systems and minigrids.

With funding from AECF, the company is scaling up the distribution of solar home systems and solar irrigation pumps. Rensys Engineering is also setting up a point-of-sale shop with ICT service desk to better serve its customers.

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PEACE Micro Finance S.C

PEACE MFI is a deposit collecting and financial lending institution with branches across Ethiopia.

With funding from AECF, the institution is availing affordable green loans to low-income households allowing them to purchase solar appliances and systems.

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Modify Electromechanical System Solutions

Modify PLC is a professional engineering firm involved in the design, review, material supply, installation, and maintenance of building electrical and electromechanical systems.

With funding from AECF, the company is venturing into the supply and installation of affordable solar energy products such as solar lighting products and solar powered irrigation pumps in Oromia and Amhara regions.

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Lydetco undertakes large scale design, supply and installation of solar photo voltaic and solar thermal systems. The company also manufactures solar cookers and sells solar lanterns and solar home systems.

With funding from The AECF, Lydetco is availing solar products by scaling up its PAYGo program in Amhara, Oromia and Tigray regions of Ethiopia.

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Fosera Manufacturing PLC

Fosera Manufacturing PLC assembles and distributes affordable solar lighting products to off-grid areas of Amhara, SNNP and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. It carries out distribution of its products through retailers, SMEs, and Cooperatives.

With funding from AECF, Fosera is building a solar light/appliance manufacturing plant in Ethiopia making solar products cheaper for rural and peri-urban communities.

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Anega Energies & Manufacturing PLC

Anega Energies & Manufacturing PLC designs and manufactures fan-forced micro-gasifier cookstoves that use fuel pellets made from waste biomass such as coffee husks, khat stems, sawdust, woodchips, and other biomass waste.

With funding from AECF, the company is selling stoves and pellets and buying back the charcoal that the stove generates to produce fertilizer, water and air filters.

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Acme Engineering and Trading Plc

ACME Engineering & Trading PLC distributes solar home systems and implements institutional solar system projects in clinics and schools in partnership with the Ethiopian government.

With funding from AECF, the company is supplying and distributing productive use solar charging packs, solar salon packs (hair cutters and mobile chargers) and solar home systems to off-grid areas of SNNP and Oromia regions of Ethiopia.

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A and H Development Solutions PLC

A and H Development Solutions PLC manufactures and sells electric household cookstoves and firewood stoves and bread ovens for businesses and institutions. The company also produces firewood and charcoal stoves.

With funding from AECF, A and H Development Solutions PLC is manufacturing and distributing ethanol and improved firewood cookstoves across Ethiopia.

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Zuwa Energy (Pyt) Company Limited

Zuwa  Energy is a Malawian company whose core business is selling solar home systems using PAYGO technology.

With funding from AECF, Zuwa Energy is expanding its operations in Malawi which will enable the company to sell even more solar home systems on the PAYGO plan.

Zonful Enterprises (Private) Limited

Zonful Enterprises provides solar home systems and income generating appliances to its customers on credit. The systems consist of solar panels, batteries and a broad range of appliances, including lights, radios, and televisions.

With funding from AECF, Zonful is expanding its operations in Zimbabwe through expansion of the team, acquisition of solar home systems and building of storage centres.

WidEnergy Africa Limited

WIDENERGY is a women-led enterprise focused on the last mile distribution of energy resources in rural and peri-urban areas in Zambia.

With AECF funding, WIDENERGY has been able to scale up the distribution of its products, while upgrading their offer from pico solar products to solar home systems hence offering more capacity to households and businesses.

VITALITE Zambia Limited

Vitalite offers a wide range of products in Zambia and Malawi, from solar home systems for rural and peri-urban households, to cooking products and solar powered water pumps for agricultural purposes. The business model is built on a PAYGO system.

With AECF funding, Vitalite has been able to expand across two provinces in Zambia (Southern and Central provinces) and to provide solar home systems in these under-served markets. The investment also assisted in launching in a new market, Malawi, and establish a strong foundation through which they can provide affordable energy across all rural areas in this country.