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  • Learning Paper

    Maximising the Impact of Outgrower Schemes - Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons from the AECF

    This learning paper reviews the experience of out-grower projects funded by the AECF. Out-grower projects are a significant segment of the entire AECF portfolio, with 51 projects in 14 countries with a total commitment of USD$33.4 M.

  • NEW Learning Paper

    Creating opportunities for decent work in the AECF's agribusiness portfolio

    The learning paper examines the impact agribusinesses funded by Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) have had on creating opportunities for decent work. To demonstrate wider market systems impact, value chains of three AECF funded agribusiness are showcased. The paper highlights key lessons and provides recommendations for AECF.

  • Victor Ndiege

    Group lending eases access to clean energy products in Kenya

    One of the most essential tools of poverty reduction would be a viable expansion of institutional credit facilities to a critical mass of people who neither have adequate collateral nor documented credit history to secure a loan