Our Funding Process

  • 01.

    Applications Concept Note Submission

    Online application responding to call for applications

    Applicants have to provide a concise summary of their business idea including potential impact

  • 02.

    Concept Note Shortlisting

    The submitted applications are marked against the selection criteria

    Shortlisted applications are reviewed by the Technical Review Committee

  • 03.

    Business Plan and Due Diligence

    Development of business plans, budgets and due diligence

  • 04.

    Business Plan Shortlisting

    Business plans are evaluated, and technical assistance needs determined

    Emphasis on impact on women and youth, potential to scale, and additionality

    Recommendations made to the Investment Committee


  • 05.

    Investment Award

    The Investment Committee awards with conditions or rejects recommendation for funding

  • 06.

    Contracting and Implementation

    Contracting, induction workshops, implementation and technical assistance

For more information on competitions, please get in touch.