Confidential Information and Data Protection Policy

    AECF needs to gather and use certain information about individuals, including Staff members, business
    contacts, consultants, suppliers, investees and other people AECF has a relationship with or may need to contact.

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    Safeguarding of Vulnerable Persons Policy

    The AECF is committed to the protection and safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults (hereinafter together referred to as Vulnerable Persons) and acknowledges that it has a duty to ensure that its programs and operations are conducted in a manner that is safe for vulnerable persons.

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    Ethics And Anti-Corruption Policy

    The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) and its governing body, the Board of Directors (BOD), are committed to promoting and maintaining good corporate governance. The AECF views unethical business practices as highly detrimental to the achievement of its mandate. AECF uses proactive measures including risk assessments and sensitization programmes to deter sanctionable practices and prevent their occurrence in internal corporate issues and operations financed by the Organization.

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    Whistleblowing Policy

    This policy is intended to facilitate the smooth functioning of the organization in an open, transparent and fair manner by providing protection to individuals who report misconduct, by encouraging them to raise concerns rather than overlook them due to fear of retaliation.

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    Environment and Social Policy

    The AECF and its governing body, the Board of Directors (BOD), strives for positive sustainable development outcomes in the investments it makes in Sub-Sahara Africa. These include:

    • Direct investments into private companies by AECF
    • Investments implemented through financial intermediaries.

    AECF believes that a crucial element for the attainment of positive development outcomes is the environmental and social sustainability of these investments which it seeks to pursue through the application of this Environmental & Social (E&S) Policy.

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    Anti-Money Laundering Policy

    This policy provides  guidelines aimed at detecting, identifying and preventing money laundering. Laundering is a global problem and organizations in every country are required to strictly comply with money laundering standards. Regulatory Policies across the globe are focused towards strict compliance to AML and KYC Laws/Regulations according to international standards.

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