Easy Solar

Easy Solar is an innovative distributed energy service company that has presence in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The company provides consumer financing for solar-powered products.

With funding from AECF, Easy Solar is scaling up the distribution of solar products through the PAYGO model across all 15 Liberian counties.

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Green Gold Liberia Inc.

Green Gold Liberia (GGL) is a social enterprise that produces and distributes bio-briquettes, biogas, and biofuels while developing energy efficient cookstoves.

With funding from AECF, GGL aims to scale up the provision of bio-briquettes at a financially competitive price as an environmentally sustainable alternative to charcoal.

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EcoPower Liberia LLC

EcoPower distributes solar home systems and solar powered productive appliances and was the first company to introduce the PAYGO solar model in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, EcoPower is scaling up its distribution of pico lights and solar home systems for households and productive solar solutions for SMEs.

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Green Cities Inc.

Green Cities Inc. is a social enterprise that carries out waste collection and sorting, buying and selling of recyclables, organic waste recycling, plastic and paper recycling, and electronic refurbishing and recycling.

With funding from AECF, Green Cities Inc. is setting up Liberia’s first modern e-waste facility, reducing the volume of e-waste in Liberia while creating awareness on e-waste disposal in Monrovia, the country’s capital city.

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LIB Solar

LIB Solar installs, finances, and maintains solar systems and solar powered appliances for rural communities. LIB Solar also offers upgraded home systems that include fans and TVs, and a business system that includes a commercial refrigerator.

With funding from AECF, LIB Solar is expanding operations to more counties across the country especially in Liberia’s southeast, the poorest and most challenging region of the country, distributing more PAYGO solar products.

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SJedi Green Energy

SJedi Green Energy sells improved cookstoves across Liberia. The company also distributes small solar home systems and household appliances such as TVs, radio, lamps, ACs and fans.

With funding from AECF, Sjedi Green Energy is establishing a PAYGO business model linked to the distribution of its solar products.

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Liberia Eco-Supply Ventures

Liberia Eco-Supply Ventures manufactures and distributes fuel-efficient stoves for school feeding programs, hospitals, hotels and restaurants in peri-urban and rural communities in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, the company is setting up a manufacturing plant in Liberia to produce high quality efficient stoves that will lead to reduced annual cooking expenditure in homes and reduce deforestation.

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LEN TWO is a solar home system distributor that focuses its activities in the Firestone Plantation in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, the company is distributing affordable, durable, and user-friendly, solar home systems to the families within the Plantation/Concession segment of the Firestone Plantation. LEN Two is also providing end user financing to ensure affordability of its solar products.

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HV WoodGas Inc

HV WoodGas Technology Inc. is an operations and maintenance company that installs power plants and associated grid distribution networks in Liberia.

With funding from AECF, the company is constructing, operationalising, and running a rubber wood-powered mini grid in Gboanipea village of Liberia.

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