CEM Trading Ltd

CEM Trading Ltd sells portable solar products to off-grid communities in rural Malawi.

The AECF is working with CEM Trading Ltd to promote and sell affordable household solar solutions to rural homes using the PAYGO model.

RECAPO Solar Systems

RECAPO installs solar home systems on a PAYGO plan in rural and semi-urban households in Malawi.

With funding from AECF, RECAPO is scaling up its solar home systems distribution to households across Malawi. RECAPO has acquired more equipment to extend its services to more districts, recruited and trained agents to service more communities, and implemented automated mobile money payment methods.

Zuwa Energy (Pyt) Company Limited

Zuwa  Energy is a Malawian company whose core business is selling solar home systems using PAYGO technology.

With funding from AECF, Zuwa Energy is expanding its operations in Malawi which will enable the company to sell even more solar home systems on the PAYGO plan.