Our people

Kariuki Waweru

My name is Kariuki and I work in the Portfolio Team where I oversee the implementation of the REACT SSA Programme in eight Sub-Saharan African countries. I also manage programme reporting to the REACT SSA Donor and Co-ordinate a team of managers each leading a specific component of REACT SSA including Technical Assistance (TA), Investment Advisory, Policy and Advocacy, Gender Inclusion, and Impact Measurement.

At the AECF we are improving people’s lives! I just love the fact that we are contributing to the transformation of how people live through practical means. The provision of energy at a level that low-income households can afford, especially marginalised families and mostly rural dwellers, has direct impact on their quality of life. The comfort that comes with better and cheaper lighting in houses and businesses; cleaner indoor air free of smoke; less cost of energy and cheaper ways to produce all go to improve lives physically, socially, and economically. It’s great!