AECF has been working alongside the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) to strengthen National Renewable Energy Associations (NREAs) capacity to represent the collective interests of their members competently and resolutely. National Renewable Energy Associations (NREAs) play a critical role in activating national off-grid electrification markets and are crucial partners in creating and maintaining enabling policy and financial environments. NREAs provide a strong national voice representing the off-grid industry with ability to dialogue with government and other industry players.

Since 2021, AECF and GOGLA have supported the Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renovaveis (AMER) in the development of an advocacy strategy tailored to the association’s specific needs. AMER is the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association and is a private, non-profit entity, whose mission is to promote renewable energy in Mozambique. The association aims to play a crucial role in coordinating representation and defending the common interests of all members while serving as an essential instrument for the participation and awareness of the enhancement of renewable energy resources for the sustainable development of Mozambique.

An initial survey of AMER’s members was conducted to understand their appreciation of the organisation’s role in advocating for appropriate renewable energy reforms. However, the responses received were inadequate to inform the development of an appropriate advocacy strategy.

This led AECF and GOGLA to conduct key informant interviews with selected thought leaders within AMER to better understand the key pain points in the sector. Members of AMER prioritised gender, diversity and inclusion; fiscal and monetary policy; overarching renewable energy policy and regulatory framework out of a list that included local content as well as quality assurance and consumer protection.

AECF and GOGLA then engaged with AMER’s key stakeholders to provide a 360-degree view of the positioning of AMER in the renewable energy policy ecosystem. Fundo de Energia (FUNAE) – Mozambique’s energy fund, Autoridade Reguladora de Energia (ARENE) – Mozambique’s energy regulator and Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) were engaged to better understand their perception of AMER’s competence in representing the interests of their members as well as their willingness to work with them. All three government bodies confirmed that they valued AMER’s role as a partner, and they further sought collaboration on knowledge dissemination, improving the regulatory framework, and in seeking to be credible representatives of the sector.

Interviews with development partners were also held where the following institutions were engaged: Sida Mozambique, SNV Brilho, GIZ Get Invest, Kreishandwerkerschaft Steinfurt Warendorf (KH), and the European Union (EU). These partners recognised AMER’s potential in the sector, with advocacy, training and capacity building, as well as other sectoral engagements being highlighted. While their views were varied, the consensus was that they would all be willing to collaborate with AMER either in their advocacy work or to provide targeted support in line with their programmes.

The feedback highlighted above has been vital in the compilation of AMER’s advocacy strategy which is currently ongoing, and the expectation is that the strategy will provide a template on the process of developing similar strategies for other NREAs where AECF and GOGLA works. Undoubtedly, AMER’s potential in Mozambique is recognised by the key actors and provides good grounds for enhanced support by members and stakeholders to ensure the association remains true to its real potential to be a credible representative of the renewable energy sector actors.

The AECF and GOGLA will continue to work alongside AMER to develop advocacy competencies, and secure additional partners to support the association to make a meaningful contribution towards creating and sustaining an enabling environment for the renewable energy sector.

Mary Githinji –AECF Policy and Advocacy Manager

Patrick Tonui – GOGLA Head of Policy and Regional Strategy