Walid Shellif is a forty-year-old mother with a family of seven. Walid began as a community payment collector, earning a commission of approximately US$ 80 per month as an additional source of income. Her hard work has earned her a full-time position on the LIB Solar team. She previously earned US$ 80 per month, so the LIB Solar commission increased her income by 10% but has since increased her earnings to over US$ 200 per month. She uses the money to pay school fees and other household expenses.




“During the pandemic, learning was paralysed for many school children. Government restrictions meant that children could not attend school and were not able to study outdoors during the rainy season. Furthermore, their houses were too dark to study in the morning and evenings. Affordable modern lighting solutions from LIB Solar allowed children to study indoors. Some of the beneficiaries began home schooling in their houses during the pandemic.”