Fishing is the primary source of income for Millicent, a 56-year-old widow and mother of eight from Siaya County, Kenya. From her home in Ugambe Beach, on the shores of Lake Victoria, Millicent sets out in her boat each evening to catch fish, which she sells at the local market.

In 2020, Millicent switched to SunTransfer’s solar Fish Lamps. The new lamps cost just Ksh 50 a day, delivering a 50% saving on fuel alone. Crucially, they also provide better and brighter light which attracts more fish to the nets, boosting Millicent’s catch and income by 25% rising from Ksh 2,050 to Ksh 2,500, owing to the switch from kerosene to solar lamps. Powered entirely by the sun’s energy the Solar Fish Lamps have no negative impact on hygiene, public health or the environment.

“Previously, I used kerosene lamps while out on the lake at night. The kerosene cost me Ksh 100 a day and had its own set of challenges, I had frequent fuel leakages that polluted our fishing waters and contaminated the fish in my boat. When I purchased the SunTransfer lamps, I was able to save more money which has gone to my children’s school fees and major household costs. With five children in primary school, two in secondary school and one in college, the lamps are making a vital contribution to my family’s education and wellbeing.”