After two years working in South Africa, Kamadyola returned to Zankutu, Malawi, with some money saved. After speaking with a local Zuwa agent, Kamadyola saw an opportunity. Zankutu has no electricity, but many locals love to watch football on TV, so, Kamadyola decided to invest in a MACHEZA Solar Plus system and solar Bluetooth speaker. Kamadyola’s Video and Sports Centre screens live football and movies to the local community, at a cost of MWK100-MWK200 per person. From the income he makes, Kamadyola easily covers the cost of his monthly installation and takes home money for his family.




“I have never regretted the decision of investing in a Zuwa solar home system for business. I am now able to take care of my family and I earn enough profits to invest in more businesses.”