Lean data insights: Aggregate report

Lean data insights: Aggregate report

Despite recent progress and development in the renewable energy sector, energy access challenges persist globally, with over 625 million people lacking access to electricity and an additional 2.1 billion people lacking access to clean cooking, according to 2023 SDG7 progress report. The impacts of climate change and natural catastrophes further compound this especially in sub-Saharan Africa, described as being most vulnerable to climate change. 

Since 2017, AECF (Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund) has been deploying challenge-led investment funds, technical assistance, energy, and advisory service facilities to support inclusive businesses promoting adaptation and mitigation solutions for low-income, underserved, and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Combined, the Renewable Energy and Adaptation Climate Technologies (REACT SSA) programme funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and REACT Household Solar programme funded by Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) have invested and strengthened 101 companies that delivered energy access products and services to over 560,000 households translating to over 2.8 million people, 23,599 MSMEs and supported over 3,800 direct jobs.

In 2021, AECF partnered with 60 Decibels, an independent impact measurement company, to conduct Lean Data studies with end consumers of REACT portfolio companies with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of if and how increased access to energy and adaptation technologies affects households’ quality of life, mSMEs’ productivity, and creates new opportunities in rural economies. Such studies are also precious in giving voice to consumers, providing critical customer feedback to our investees, and helping them improve customer satisfaction and impact. To us, it offers precious insights to guide our future investments and the depth and breadth of our impacts. To date, 60 Decibels (60dB) has conducted interviews with over 7,000 randomly selected consumers drawn from 25 investees, spread across 9 countries under the REACT portfolio with technologies ranging from clean/improved cooking, solar home systems, mini and micro grids, solar-powered irrigation, e-mobility, and waste management and recycling. 


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