Our people

Victoria Sabula

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Sabula is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at The AECF, Africa’s largest challenge fund that  catalyzes private sector investments through the financing of high-risk innovative businesses in the agribusiness, renewable energy and adaptive climate change sectors. Victoria has refined AECF’s investment lens on youth, women, and fragile contexts to unlock the potential of Africa’s most marginalized and rural communities.

Prior to AECF, Victoria held executive positions at the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and KCB Group where she built a deep understanding of the nexus between development and finance.

Victoria is deeply engaged in Africa’s development landscape and female empowerment, holding positions in organizations such as Convergence Finance, Science for Africa Foundation, CAMFED, all while contributing to industry forums and communities of practice.

Victoria holds an MBA from Nazarene University, Bachelor of Laws Degree from Moi University, a diploma in Human Resource Management from Kenya Institute of Management and is a Certified Public Secretary.