Celfre Energy Private Limited is a last mile distributor of solar water pumping systems.

With funding from AECF, Celfre Energy is providing quality and affordable solar irrigation pumps to smallholder out-grower farmers and rural communities in Zimbabwe.

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Zambuko Trust

Zambuko Trust is a developmental Microfinance Institution (MFI) that provides financial and non-financial services to urban, peri urban and rural populations across Zimbabwe.

With funding from AECF, Zambuko Trust is offering affordable green loans for a range of solar assets including household lighting systems and solar pumps to rural households and small businesses in Zimbabwe.

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Virl Microfinance

VIRL Financial Solutions is a developmental microfinance that targets smallholder farmers, micro and small enterprises in Zimbabwe.

With funding from AECF, the company is reaching out to more rural households providing them with access to clean energy products at lower than market interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

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Regain 37

Regain 37 Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise that is bridging the digital divide through the provision of Pay as You Use solar powered e-learning tools while using solar home systems to light up classrooms.

With funding from AECF, the company is powering more schools with solar systems while providing digital e-learning tools in all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe.

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Mobility for Africa

Mobility for Africa provides green mobility solutions to rural communities using electric tricycles powered with renewable energy.

With funding from AECF, Mobility for Africa is scaling up the sale of tricycles to small businesses which will go a long way in improving agricultural value chains in rural Zimbabwe while reducing drudgery for women.

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Elaine Marketing and Promotions

Elaine Marketing and Promotions Private Limited delivers banking products to the unbanked market primarily in rural areas. The company has recently diversified into the distribution of solar home systems
which is now a key part of their portfolio.

With funding from AECF, the company is scaling up the accessibility and affordability of modern solar home systems to households and businesses across Zimbabwe by availing these systems on credit.

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Natfort Energy

Natfort Energy undertakes solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for on-grid and off grid applications in the household and commercial sector. The company has extended their product offering to become a last mile solar home system distribution partner in the rural and peri urban areas of Zimbabwe.

With funding from AECF, Natfort Energy will lower the purchase price for low-income households thus allowing them immediate access to cleaner and renewable energy solutions.

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Zonful Enterprises (Private) Limited

Zonful Enterprises provides solar home systems and income generating appliances to its customers on credit. The systems consist of solar panels, batteries and a broad range of appliances, including lights, radios, and televisions.

With funding from AECF, Zonful is expanding its operations in Zimbabwe through expansion of the team, acquisition of solar home systems and building of storage centres.

Untu Microfinance (Private) Limited

Untu Microfinance provides credit to the unbanked and under-banked. Untu supports MSMEs across Zimbabwe.

The AECF is working with Untu Microfinance to expand its client profile portfolio by financing smallholder farmers with agricultural loans.

Trandorm Enterprises

Trandorm Enterprises has a Remote Livestock Marketing System (RLMS) which is an online marketing platform for livestock in Zimbabwe. Livestock farmers use the platform to send information about their herd and prospective buyers can view the animals on the website and respond with their bids.

The AECF is working with Trandorm to set up high-tech sale centers across Zimbabwe enabling small-scale farmers to access key livestock markets.

Southcote Estates Pvt Ltd

Southcote Estates is a family owned company which is involved in the production of fingerlings and the growing out of fingerlings into pan-size fish for processing and sale onto the fresh/frozen market. They also purchase fish from fishermen on Lake Kariba which they then freeze and package for the Harare market.

The AECF is working with SouthCote Estates project to increase the production of fingerlings for sale to commercial farmers and the growing out of fingerlings in farm ponds for the fresh/frozen market.

Yelo Egg (Pvt) Ltd

Yelo Egg is a joint venture between smallholders and Yelo in which Yelo are providing the point-of-lay pullets (POLs) and the smallholders are producing the eggs. Yelo is also supplying the necessary inputs and services to smallholders on an ongoing basis.

The AECF supported the Yelo Egg project to provide point-of-lay (POL) chickens to 40,000 farmers/villagers. The farmers produce eggs and deliver them to a service centre, or collection point in the rural areas and villages and peri-urban centres where they are then marketed in major towns and cities.

TA Holdings Limited

TA Holdings Limited (TA) is an investment company that has interests in the hospitality, insurance,  agrochemical, asset management and distribution industries.

The AECF supported TA Holdings to develop, launch and successfully market weather index insurance products to communal and small-scale farmers in Zimbabwe on a commercial basis.

Montana Meats (Pvt) Ltd

Montana Meats Pvt Limited is a company that purchases cattle throughout Zimbabwe for direct slaughter and for feeding/fattening before slaughter.

The AECF worked with Montana Meats to establish a feedlot to fatten cattle purchased from local farmers, which would thereafter be transported to the Masvingo abattoir for slaughter and processing.

Sondelani Ranching

Sondelani has been working with rural farmers for over 15 years and has devised programmes of engagement that have been refined over time. In 2006, Sondelani founded the Ebenezer Training Centre in the Kezi area, establishing a programme of agricultural training combined with key academic and basic business skills to assist rural residents to better equip themselves for farming.

The AECF worked with Sondelani to establish a state of the art tomato processing plant in Bulawayo in Matabeleland. Sondelani contracted small scale farmers to grow high yielding tomatoes for the plant which produces pastes and tomato powder.

Zvikomborero Farms

Zvikomborero Farms is an agricultural company with farming operations specializing in livestock, horticulture, egg production and forage. The farm undertakes stud breeding of Thuli, Mashona and Boran cattle and Boer and Kalahari goats.

The AECF supported Zvikomborero Farms to purchase their nucleus herds of stud breeds and goats from South Africa and Namibia, thus transforming the cattle and goat value chains in Zimbabwe.

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