Investing in Women in South Sudan

Window 2: Financing to Women enterprise Associations and Groups

This window is open for applications

The Finance to Women enterprise Associations and Groups (Finance – WAG) is a component of the Investing in Women
in South Sudan (IIW-SS) programme,

  • Funding available

    Total funds available under the Finance – WAG CAN$ 1,097,114 (US$ 843,933).

    Component (i): Women Co-operatives (60%) + Financial Literacy + Technical Assistance (Average CAD 58,500 per

    The co-operatives will comprise 100 – 150 members and formally registered with the relevant ministries and state
    authorities. Funding for this target group is to be provided through a financial intermediary that will also offer financial
    literacy and capacity-building support to the cooperatives. The total funding dedicated for this segment will be CAD
    877,691.20 (US$ 675,146.40) with up to 15 women co-operatives targeted with a total membership of 2,250.

    Component (ii) : Women Group Grant + Financial Literacy (Average of CAD 7,300 per Group).

    This component will target women and young women in groups of 20 members each. The programme will provide up to
    CAD 219,422.80 (USD 168,786.60) as a sub-grant through a financial intermediary targeting 30 women groups with a total membership of 600

  • Geography

    Central and Eastern Equatorial States of South Sudan

  • Focus Areas

    Eligible co-operatives and groups must demonstrate that they are engage in income generating activities directly benefiting women and encourage the adoption of climate-smart practices, products, or services.

  • Desired socio-economic impact

    The co-operative or group must demonstrate:

    • That they are women and women-youth ownership / management.
    • Demonstrable benefits to women in terms of increased time availability for other activities,improved health, reduced drudgery and increased household budgets.
    • Have women-led supply chains; engagement of women and youth as key actors within the supply chain and potential opportunities for such women-led products
  • Type of support available

    The support package includes:

    • Grant funding.
    • Financial literacy
  • Funds available

    Component (i): Women Co-operatives Grant
    Upto CAD 58,500 per Co-operative.

    Component (ii): Women Group Grant
    Upto CAD 7,300 per group.

  • Matching contributions

    The co-operatives /groups should provide a 10% in-kind matching contribution.

  • Eligible cooperatives/groups
    • Registered co-operative/ association/ group as per the Government of South Sudan (GoSS)
    • Engaged in value addition activities aligned to the programme priority value chains.
    • In existence for 2 years or more.
    • Have financial /membership records for at least 2 years.
    • A proper governance structure in place.
    • A recommendation letter from a partner(s) (at least 2 years old)
    • For co-operatives 60% of the members should be women and for groups, 80% of the members
      should women.
  • Selection criteria

    Each co-operative/association/group will be evaluated against the following criteria:

    • Open an account with Alpha Commercial Bank.
    • Pass Alpha Commercial Bank KYC requirements.
    • Undertake the mandatory financial literacy training.
  • How to apply

    Collect and fill out the application form provided by Alpha Commercial Bank.