Fatmata exploite 3,2 hectares à Gbonkolenken, Yele, Sierra Leone, où elle produit des fruits de palmier, des ananas, du bois, du riz et des arachides. En septembre 2020, le père de Fatmata est décédé, ce qui a accru la pression sur l'entreprise familiale.


“When my father died I was forced to abandon my college studies and return to the plantation to run it and look after my sick mother. I had to help with the harvesting so we could sell our produce to Nedoil, who were buying our fruit bunches. We sold over 2 million Leones (US$ 200) of fruit to Nedoil in 2020. I used to disagree with my father about selling fruit to Nedoil. But now I appreciate the workload they have relieved us of and the profit we make. I also observe that most of Nedoil’s profits are retained for the benefit of the people of Gbonkolenken. If Nedoil continues to purchase our fruits, this will enable me to continue my studies in the future.”