AECF Connect

AECF Connect is a pilot initiative funded by SIDA to support AECF investees in raising capital from investors and lenders to extend project impact by ensuring continued financial support from other investors.

For Investees

From the competition stage to project completion, AECF Connect supports investees to enable them identify new sources of commercial capital. AECF Connect:

  • Finds investors and matches funders to investees
  • Assists businesses scale up by providing expert advice and strategic input
  • Organises fundraising workshops that bring together investors and investees companies. 

For Investors

AECF Connect enhances the AECF’s position as a feeder fund for other investors, by not only providing capital to initiate projects but also leveraging more private sector capital into these projects over time. This enables AECF to demonstrate an increased return on its grants and loans programme. To date, AECF Connect has leveraged more than US $45 million. 

For Funding Partners

With funding from SIDA, AECF Connect has expanded Funding Partners’ outreach and impact through the most “investment ready” companies in our 266 investee portfolio. The goal of having scale across Africa can only be achieved by working in partnership with other investors and Funding Partners, ensuring that the AECF selects business likely to be of interest to them and helping projects in the portfolio connect with these investors in a meaningful way.

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