Africa Agribusiness Window R2 (AAW R2)

Round 2 of the Africa Agribusiness Programme (AAW R2) is funded by GAC and aims to address the many challenges faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the agribusiness sector.

It comprises 19 investees and has benefited 454,203 rural households (244,792, or 54%, headed by women), 60% of whose beneficiaries live on less than US$2 a day.

The programme investees operate across a range of agricultural value chains and include a mango pulp exporter, a palm oil producer, an agricultural processing company, and a seed company

Round 2 of AAW follows the successful completion of Round 1 that saw AECF supporting business ideas in the fields of agribusiness, financial services and value chains to be implemented in Africa.

AAW funded private sector companies from anywhere in the world to grow or establish innovative agribusiness related projects in sub-Saharan Africa that benefit rural communities. Round 1 saw 22 projects approved for funding.