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No current competition is open. However in future competitions, you need to register your business by providing your contact details, some information about your company and a valid email address. During the registration process, you must also read and accept the AECF Terms and Conditions that are standard for all AECF competitions.

Once you are registered, you will be able to download the AAW application form template and the guidance notes to help you fill in the application form. Any future windows for receiving applications will be announced.

About AAW

The AECF Agribusiness Africa Window (AAW) is a special fund of the AECF that is open to business ideas across Africa. The AECF AAW supports business ideas in the fields of agribusiness, financial services and value chains which extend across Africa and international markets. Business ideas that qualify for funding must have positive impact on the rural poor: delivering increased employment reduced costs and improved productivity poor.


During an active competition, you will be able to register here. No current round  is open.


During an active competition, you will be able to login here. No current round is open.