To bring to light the 'on ground' impact of what the AECF does, view some these Grantee perspectives, which bring home the real transformation taking place through the AECF.

  • From One Crate of Tomatoes to Three

    From One Crate of Tomatoes to Three

    Esther Some realized there was something not right with her soil, and looked to apply some of the training she was receiving from SoilCares Africa.
  • Just Add Water: A Maji Milele Story

    Just Add Water: A Maji Milele Story

    At St. Thomas Amogoro Girls School in Malaba, Kenya, a quiet revolution is taking place.  The school hosts 412 girls, 237 of who are in boarding school. The numbers in boarding have increased recently and the school is performing better - and it’s all down to water.
  • AECF Mobisol


    The AECF-MOBISOL Project purpose is to find a profitable and sustainable business model for rural electrification while the aim is to provide a concept of offering a profitable and scalable product-service combination to supply a vast amount of people with reliable, clean and most importantly affordable energy.
  • AECF Off Grid Electric Tanzania Ltd

    Off Grid Electric Tanzania Ltd

    Off.Grid: Electric delivers on a complete technical, operational and financial model that makes incredibly high quality renewable electrical services radically affordable to the world’s off-grid poor. It is a model that will scale to millions of homes.
  • M-Kopa


    M-Kopa is an asset financing company in Kenya established in 2011 following successful consumer trials in Kenya during 2010. The company's smart and secure mobile technology has enabled tens of thousands of Kenyans to switch from high-cost kerosene to affordable, renewable solar power.