This article is sourced from The Economist and authored by GAKENKE. To see the full article click here.

AECF Grantees Azuri Technologies, Off Grid Electric, BBOXX and MKopa are mentioned in this article  as examples of companies pushing the Off-grid Solar agenda in Africa. These companies have made great strides towards getting Africans powered with off the grid solutions. The Economist writes how Off Grid energy solutions may soon bypass the power lines cabling like mobile phone usage leapfrogged the fixed line telephones. With the strides these companies are making, that is not too far from reality.

According to the article, Off-grid solar is spreading at an electrifying pace. It is now thought to be powering about 600,000 households in Africa. The pace of growth is accelerating in a continent. Industry executives reckon that over the next year the number of home-power systems on African roofs will grow by 60-100%. M-Kopa, the market leader, has installed 400,000 systems and, at its current rate of growth, may add another 200,000 to that number over the next year. Other companies such as Off Grid Electric, BBOXX and Azuri Technologies may well double their client base over the same period. The main constraint, as the BBOXX CEO says, is that the small homegrown companies run out of finances so often that they are unable to sustain consistent supply.

Though these solutions will never replace on-grid solutions, it gives the much-needed competition to the market and gives options to those who are looking to get connected. It also makes it easier for those living too far off the grid to get reliable energy solutions that ease their lives. To read more about this, follow the link here.